Residential Swimming Pool and Landscape Design For Sydney

Complete your house with pool and landscape designs from the experts. Whether you are looking to upgrade your residential home or are looking to build from scratch, we can help you create a beautiful swimming area and bring your vision to life.

Working with A Grade Pools and Landscapes mean working with experienced builders who know which design works and which ones will not. From kid friendly pools to luxury indoor swimming pools, get in touch to learn more about what we can help you achieve in your Sydney property.


Enhance Your Sydney Home with a Luxury Indoor Pool

While having a pool in your residential home provides hours of entertainment for the family and kids, they can be unusable for a majority of the year. From the winter months, to rainy days, not to mention the extra time and effort required to maintain it when it gets dirty from falling leaves and wildlife mistaking it for the public bath.

Bring your home to the next level. Let A Grade Pools and Landscapes design the ultimate luxury indoor swimming pool for your Sydney home! Swimming will be possible in your heated pool whenever you wish and cleaning will be a breeze compared to an outdoor one. Another benefit of bringing a traditional pool indoors is the ability to style it differently from outdoor pools so your pool can stand out from the rest.



Trust the Expert Pool Builders

Get your money’s worth when you engage the professional pool and landscape design builders. If you are looking to build an luxury indoor pool, we will be able to help you access your space and recommend a modern pool design that suits your residential home. We provide our service to most Sydney area as well as the Northern Beaches.


Whether you are looking for pool buildspool renovations or pool servicing, we are here to help. Contact us at 0414 651 901 directly, or you can let us call you by leaving your details on our short enquiry form found here.