Pool Renovation Elanora Heights

Pool Renovating Elanora Heights

Elanora Heights is a suburb that is 27 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD. Elanora Heights is part of the Northern Beaches Council.

The existing pool and surrounding area were in need of a makeover. The current stone decking had faded and was always looking dirty. 

We redesigned the pool area to incorporate a sitting area with a table. This completely changed the dynamics of the backyard and made it much more welcoming.

Pool Paving Elanora Heights

First, we took down the security fence then we removed all the existing tired old rock pavers. 

We laid all the travertine tiles from the back of the pool right up to the retaining wall at the back of the home.  We then rebuilt the stairs using the travertine tiles. 

We cleaned and inspected the pool’s security fencing and reinstalled it.

Pool Decking Elanora Heights

Extending the pool decking beyond the security fence up to the retaining wall added a whole new entertainment area to the backyard.

Metal Pool Fencing Elanora Heights

By law, pools must be sectioned off with fencing that meets industry standards.

We took great care to make sure the existing fence was up to standard which it was. A little bit of elbow grease and it looked brand new.

The Projects

Location – Elanora Heights, NSW

Pool Renovation

  • New pool edging

Pool Paving

  • Remove existing stones and replace with travertine tiles

Pool Decking

  • Extend the new decking up to the retaining wall

Pool Fencing  Security

  • Secure the pool with metal rod fencing

Before Pool Renovation

After Pool Renovation