Pool Renovation Forestville

Forestville is located north of Sydney. The client wanted to renovate an existing pool that incorporated updating the paving and adding a timber floor.

The pool’s working area was confined with a beautiful view of the rolling treed hills as a backdrop. 

The pool was built into a raised decking which was enclosed with a powder-coated steel metal fence. 

Pool Paving Forestville

We completely removed the existing red brick paving that covered the entire pool area. We then laid the grey stone pavers that incorporated the edge of the pool and under the metal fencing. We left space for the timber floor 

Pool Timber Decking Forestville

As you can see from the before and after photos the pool area was covered in red bricks. After adding in the pavers we left space to insert a timber floor. 

Merbau timber was used as this hardwood is tough and durable for outdoor areas. Merbau contains natural oils that prevent it from shrinking, cracking and splitting.

The Projects

Location – Forestville NSW

Pool Renovation

  • Empty the pool
  • Clean the pool surface area
  • Incorporate the pavers to the edge of the pool

Pool Flooring

  • Remove the existing red brick floor
  • Replace with grey stone pavers
  • Add timber to the pool area floor

Before renovating the Pool

After Renovating the pool